The Podvig is a weekly podcast containing reflections and encouragement from the Holy Scripture, the saints, their lives, and the hymnody of the Holy Orthodox Church for your podvig.

Ep 24: Live Simply

A simple life is not about depriving ourselves of earthly joy, comfort, or material possessions. Rather, it is a deliberate choice to reorient our lives toward what truly matters.

Ep 23: On Pentecost

Pentecost is the recreation of the woman, wherein God breathes the Holy Spirit into the body and blood taken from the side of His Son on the cross. The power of the Holy Spirit, the uncreated energies of God, now animates the unified Body of Christ, which is the Church.

Ep 22: The Cultivation of Humility

Humility is the principal Christian virtue. It is a disposition of the heart and mind, which recognizes one’s true self and one’s complete dependence on God.

Ep 21: Essence, Energies, and the Nature of Reality (Part 3)

We are terrestrial beings, being made from Earth. Therefore we have physical bodies, but we are enlivened with God-breathed souls. Therefore, mankind is made from a unique combination of earth and spirit. We have physical bodies, but we are not primarily earthen.


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