In the beginning, was Love.
Pure essence in hypostatic unity,
Love coalesced into the singularity.
Unconstrained and unsuppressed,
Love, never lonely,
Willed intensely, wholly, only
Unto Himself until His solidarity
Could no longer be suppressed.
Love effervesced under the stress,
His chest expanding.
The heat of this passion,
Spewed forth in its fashion,
As lightning in action,
A thunderous utterance.


A term, a vector,
Formed and created,
Elated by the beauty of unity.
Imputed information,
To sounds and shapes;
Cognition now contagious.
As the made meets the sacred,
Symbolic mutations,
Make infectious connections.
For words, when they're twisted,
Turn that which existed,
Back to the void from which it was lifted.
A bitter fruit tasted, chimera invaded.
Their form was abased,
and the natives stripped naked.


A word, a sentence,
An act of dependence,
By which Love's resplendence
Imbued His transcendence
Into time and space.
Truth through words,
A cosmic oration,
Structured relation
Within His creation.
Truth: a Man, a sword, a stone,
With power to will,
to kill, and to build.
The Truth it unites us,
Connects and enlights us,
Inherence laid bare.


They obstruct.
In time, they corrupt,
Mutilating the beauty
Of unity so utterly.
The pathogen used words to perfect,
And inject its perfidious death.
The virus, it thrives,
Devouring the lives,
Of those who contract it.
In gnarled words, the infection spread,
Wounding its hosts and leaving for dead,
Until it found the One who said:
"It is finished."


Through beguilement, reconcile.
Love's only begotten willingly bled,
Mangled, hated, arms widespread,
Tangled thorns upon His head.
Truth on a tree; the lies thought Him dead.
Though veiled as one common,
Hell met the Sovereign,
Who hung while He plotted,
To replant His garden,
In hearts He would pardon,
From their chains in that darkness.
Then He arose, crushing His foes,
And He's seated by Love evermore.